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Too many young people don’t have a place to call home or struggle to keep a roof over their head. Facing a lower minimum wage and lower levels of benefits, young people are at another unfair disadvantage.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Investment in affordable housing, alongside a strategy to end youth homelessness and reach those most in need would give more people a chance at having a safe and stable base.

Sign our petition today to help build the affordable homes that are so desperately needed.

New report launch!!!

‘Unlocking Affordable Homes’, released on 19th March 2024 by YMCA, highlights key barriers preventing the build of crucial affordable housing and calls for action to tackle the resulting crisis. The report uncovers inadequacies of funding models, which tend to affect smaller organisations more significantly, as well as barriers such as reliance on existing land for new housing projects, coupled with frustrations around land acquisition.

In response, YMCA poses six key recommendations to truly unlock affordable homes for young people and communities in vital need.
As we pledge to embark on this ambitious endeavour, YMCA calls for support and collaboration from the next Government to overcome existing barriers, and create a future where safe and affordable housing is a fundamental right for all.

Read the full report here:

This election, we’re asking ‘what’s the best that could happen?’

This election, we’re asking ‘what’s the best that could happen?’

Now’s our chance to get the next government to put young people and communities at the heart of their vision and deliver real change. We want everyone to have a fair chance to discover who they are and what they can become.

Find out more about YMCA’s General Election Manifesto

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