Could you make a real difference? Help us provide a warm, safe home for five young people each night.

Young people often find it hard to secure rented property or council housing when they are ready to move on from our supported housing. A move-on house will be the final stepping stone to independence, giving them skills and support in preparation for moving to their own place. By sponsoring a house you will be empowering local young people to leave homelessness behind for good.

The Sponsorship Pledge

£500 – Will pay for a 5 bedroom move-on house for 1 month, that’s £100 for each young person

£3,000 – Pays for 6 months

£6,000 – Pays for a year

What is a ‘Move-On House’?

We all know it is quite daunting when moving into your own home for the first time, so our move-on houses provide a semi-independent step, helping young people to reach their final goal of attaining and sustaining their own independent accommodation.

Our move-on houses also enable us to offer an incentive to young people, helping them to maintain their engagement in support services and keep moving forward with their personal development plans.

Each young person receives regular weekly support to continue their life skills development, this might include; personal finance, personal hygiene, maintaining education or work and accessing the health and support services they require.

Final Stepping Stone to Independence

Young people are supported to move on to independence when they are ready, having been guided through the ‘basics’, just like a parent/carer does when a teenager goes to university.  The Y is also able to provide a positive reference to private landlords helping to remove the stigma of being a young homeless person, which can more often than not, remove any chance of them securing private tenancies.

Why Sponsor a House?!

By sponsoring our Move-On House you will be providing a warm and safe home for 5 young people each night.  Not only that, you will also help us to provide a range of support services from health to basic life skills; helping each of these young people to make their final transition from vulnerable and homeless to empowered and independent.


I never really had a parent. My mum left me when I was 2 years old.

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Supporters make a big difference to our young people and there are many fantastic ways to get involved.