I never really had a parent. My mum left me when I was 2 years old and I had to live with guardians; my grandparents, maybe her sister, boarding schools mostly. I came to the UK when I was 18 and I put on my visa that I wanted to join my mum. I needed my parents. Then when I got here I discovered I didn’t get along with my step dad. Basically, I just took myself away from that equation.

I was doing normal stuff like paying rent and working, but I was put in a mental hospital which was against my will. They didn’t diagnose me with anything. But I lost my previous house that I was paying rent on.

I came to YMCA and thought, I like this place. You’re close to nature, you can calm down and it’s good for thinking. YMCA has been like a family I can come back to. I’m an entertainer and one day at YMCA, I was told about an opportunity at 2Funky. I went along and told them about myself. Before I left the building, the guys called me and asked if I wanted to work with them. I now do social media, promotion, record and edit videos and more for them.

*Denzel is not pictured anywhere on our website.