I was in lodgings and I couldn’t pay so had to get out. I went about 7 weeks without money.

First I went back to where I came from in Derbyshire but I walked all the way back to Leicester, where I’d lived more than 5 years. The walk took 24 hours, I just laid down anywhere just to go sleep, but I had no sleeping bag so every time I got cold I kept walking. It was quite an eye opener ‘cause you get to understand the people on the streets. It’s knowing the places you can get food, so I try and pass it on.

I got lucky, I was only on the streets for 3 weeks. A member of staff from Y Support saw me and took a picture of where I was sleeping, down by the river bank and that got me into the Dawn Centre. Y Support helped me to sign back on and then I got into a shared house. Y Support was a godsend to be honest with you, now I look forward to it every morning.