Carl in Nepal: A March Update!

At the start of the year, resident, Carl was raising funds for his place on the ICS (International Citizen Service) programme where he would be volunteering overseas for 3 months. With many thanks to all of his supporters, Carl managed to raise just over £800 to fund his place, even if it did mean losing his hair along the way! You can find out more about this here: 

Carl has now been living in Nepal for 3 weeks and is having an amazing time. He has been leading a group of volunteers whilst working 6 days a week in a school which he has found to be an exhausting but rewarding experience. He has also is living with a local family who have been teaching him Nepalese and helping him learn more about life in Nepal.




Through navigating the new culture, food and lifestyle, Carl is has been busy settling in and getting to grips with life in Nepal. This experience has been providing Carl with life long skills and unforgettable experiences.

We are grateful to everyone who supported Carl on this venture, and we would like to thank everyone again for the donating. We are excited for any future updates and wish Carl the best of luck for the rest of the programme!


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