Sitting down with…Rough Draft

Who are you and what do you do?Rough Draft logo
We’re a group of local creatives who love new stuff.  From gut-wrenching theatre to side-splitting comedy, melodic music to punch poetry, and all those arty bits in between, we love seeing all the new and exciting things that fall out of those creative brains.  But more than anything we love helping people get this new stuff made.

What are you bringing to The Y Theatre?
Rough Draft is a monthly night for performers, comedians, writers, theatremakers and more to try out new ideas, get feedback and find collaborators, right here in Leicester. Our very first night coming up in June has theatre, poetry, music and some improv, a great mix!

If you could be on stage with anyone, who would it be and why?
That’s the fun thing about Rough Draft, we are on stage with new and awesome people every month! But also Beyonce.

What are you watching?
All sorts. We love a bit of BBC Drama (bring on Killing Eve season 2!), excited for the new comedy awards too. We love going to local nights like Find The Right Words and open mics. Hayley is also really into Task Master.

Name one thing you can’t live without and why
Definitely our laptops. We use them for writing, listening to music, watching videos, editing, you name it. I always have mine with me. It’s a creative hub in my pocket. And by pocket I of course mean bag…

Name one thing you really hate and why
That you usually need experience or contacts or a butt-tonne of money before you can even take the first step. It is not that hard to just help people.

Describe your show with one GIF —->

Why should people come and see your show?
Because you’ll be the first to see brand new work by exciting local artists. You get to give feedback and help shape their projects as they develop. You never know, you might even find the next person you work with!

Rough Draft is a regular new work night at The Y Theatre 

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