Christmas Shoeboxes

The amount of Christmas donations that we have received this December has totally overwhelmed both staff and residents here at The Y. Donations included festively wrapped parcels and shoeboxes (and other boxes) containing festive treats, gloves, socks, dishes and bowls, toiletries, clothing and more. Local schools, colleges, church and guide groups were all very busy ensuring The Y’s residents had something to open on Christmas Day.

T’was a week (or two) before Christmas.
So December came, and the days got dark,
And the tree in the bar was looking quite stark.
Until a week or two before the big day,
Truck loads of goodies came The Y’s way!!!

There were big gifts wrapped, all pretty with bows,
And small gifts sparkling, rows upon rows.
There were posh chocs, warm gloves and fluffy wool scarves,
And toiletries, note pads and stuff for nice baths.

Arriving from people, all happy to donate,
The schools and churches and guides all did great!
So it meant this Christmas when residents sat to eat,
There was a box for them each, containing shed loads of treats.

And they did an amazing job!
This year, for the very first time, The Y received more than enough wrapped boxes of festive cheer, to give EVERY resident a Christmas box, brimming with gifts. There were also warm clothes for rough sleepers attending The Y Support Project. The additional boxes will be given to new residents when they move in to The Y.

Big thanks go out to…
Beauchamp College, Cedars Academy, 1st Quorn Guides, Fullhurst College, King Edward VII, St Mary’s Church in Swithland and Stephenson College. Now every young person living at The Y will receive something on Christmas day. It means a lot for those who have been homeless or won’t be with their family to celebrate.
“Thank you for the chance to do this, means a lot for students to understand how difficult life can be for some people.” Beauchamp College

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