Romeo and Juliet review

Romeo and Juliet is the world’s greatest love story, telling the fateful story of the star-crossed lovers. Ballet Theatre UK is bringing to The Y Theatre a refreshing take on the ballet production with impressive grace and tragic emotion that was brought to live by their intimate movement repertoire.

This production by Hinckley based company Ballet Theatre UK is the latest in their history of vast repertoire, becoming one of the UK’s most popular touring companies. The company have received plenty of positive accreditation from within the industry as well as their audiences, therefore this take on the greatest love story is set to please us all.

This story follows the main thread of Shakespeare’s story. Where the two lovers meet at Capulet’s ball, therefore starting off a fateful series of events that conclude with both star-crossed lovers coming to their death embrace.

Their movement repertoire was elegant, watching their athletic bodies glide along the stage was inspirational. The young bodies undertaking a series of sustaining the high level of speed and clarity within their choreography. They had a lovely pace working through the tale of the two lovers, however it didn’t stray away from the intimacy and intensity created by knowing what would happen in the end.

I thought that the size of the space aligned with the basic scenery and lighting design allowed for an emphasis on the movement that Ballet Theatre UK is well recognised for.

Ballet Theatre UK’s Romeo and Juliet will end touring Sunday 29th January before Giselle begins touring from February 2017.

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