Hammonds furniture partnership to help young people

7th April, 2016

Hammonds Furniture have created 25 sets of wardrobes and drawers especially for The Y, using surplus materials that would otherwise have gone to waste. It came at a perfect time as The Y is refurbishing two houses ready for ten young people to move into. Some will also be given to young people who are struggling with the cost of furnishings when they move out on their own.

Kirsty Oakes, Marketing Manager at Hammonds Furniture, said: “We were especially keen to help The Y as they are so close to home and working incredibly hard to change the lives of local people. Being a business that creates premium products, it’s easy to forget there are those out there who are far less fortunate. When we have the surplus materials available, it makes perfect sense to put them towards an amazing cause like this.”

Emma Knight of The Y said: “We were totally blown away by the idea that Hammonds could make up these wardrobes and drawers especially for our charity, it is really generous. Having good quality furniture in our accommodation is really important to raising the self-esteem and aspirations of young people, especially when they’ve not had a lot before. As we won’t have to pay for wardrobes and drawers it means we can use the money for other things, like specialist support for young people who have been through trauma. ”

The Hinckley based fitted furniture company have 100 showrooms across the UK and also work with the Woodland Trust.

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