Young Experts By Experience Residential Trip

As part our commitment to involving young people in the delivery of our services, The Y Leicester applied to the YMCA Central and Anglia Trust Fund for support with funding a residential trip for 8 residents. The fund contributed £1000 towards a three day trip to Crowden Outdoor Education Centre in the Derbyshire Dales.

The residential trip was designed to support a group of residents in forming as a panel of young Experts by Experience. It bought together eight residents who did not know one another but want to contribute to the way in which The Y’s services are delivered. Not only did the residential trip support their formation as a panel but it gave the young people a once in a lifetime experience, pushed them beyond their limits and created lasting memories.

We’ll leave it to the experts to say the rest…..

“On the 25th November I attended the residential with a bunch of people from The Y…Overall it was very refreshing and a real good chance to exercise my personal strength and belief in myself. Not only did I conquer my fear of heights I felt comfortable doing it in front of people out of my inner circle. Since then I’ve kept in touch with the other residents and we are trying to organise board games here at The Y.” – Resident 1

“I found the residential trip with the YMCA a great, unique and joyful experience. I think it has brought many of us young people living at The Y together. The opportunity to get to know each other better and closer was a wonderful idea. More projects and amazing experiences will hopefully make other residents feel more comfortable and willing to to socialise with others in the near future” – Resident 2


We were also incredibly impressed by a poem that one of our young people (Ashleigh) wrote about the experience:
Little Victories
Cherish and celebrate them,
Though they may seem small,
The absorbing insecurities stem,
And as your mood and self-esteem fall,
You hold your head up and stand tall!

Like a soldier into battle,
Stronger than any who doubt me,
I am sure this will give them a rattle.
Day by day, soon they will see,
Confidence in myself is the key.

Anxious and full of worry,
My mind starts to run wild,
I just want to get this over in a hurry
Yet giving it a go, like an eager child,
**** it’s cold! Not close to mild

Coming out my comfort zone,
Like a bird leaving the nest,
No service, I can’t even use my phone,
So far this trip’s been a test
Though 10/10 it’s been the best!

Each day overcoming the one before,
As I say “I actually did that”
Not “I didn’t make the score”
As now I am no measly cat,
A lion of pride, to which others take off their hat.

***Inspired by the residential trip and written by Ashleigh